BlockChess is a game of real value

We offer a new and innovative chess experience with improved mechanics and unique features. Our game is free for everyone, and our skilled team is equipped to bring this product to market successfully.

BlockChess mobile screen
BlockChess blur BlockChess mobile screen

Current situation

  • The chess market is one of the largest and most dynamically developing ones, but currently there is no opportunity of monetisation for most of the players
  • This represents a great untapped potential for creating a new model that would allow players to earn money by their mental abilities and increase motivation to develop their skills
Chess desk

Market size

The total number of players in the chess industry is over 700 million people. BlockChess has a great potential for growth and gaining market share

700 million active chess players
Chess piece 700 million active chess players Chess piece

Our idea

BlockChess is a game of real value

  • We offer a new approach to playing chess that allows you not only to enjoy the game, but to earn money. Using blockchain technology, we expand the understanding of chess and provide an opportunity to earn additional passive income
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BlockChess tokens and features

Our solution

  • BlockChess is an innovative platform that offers new opportunities to all players. It is achieved through the integration of its own BCG token into the application's ecosystem
  • In BlockChess players can earn money by creating prize pools in tournaments, playing in 1v1 rankings games, selling their NFTs with unique characteristics at auction, and much more
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BlockChess tokens and features

Token movement scheme

Token movement scheme Token movement scheme
Chess piece Chess piece BlockChess coin

Game economy

Circulation and replenishment
The circulation of the gaming token creates an in-game economy. While the commission from each tournament, sales of chests and scrolls supplement the economy
BlockChess token
BlockChess token
BlockChess market (auction)
Limiting and stability
The withdrawal limit of $40 equivalent to our token helps to ensure the stability of the game's economy and encourages player retention and community engagement
BlockChess market (auction)
Independence and confidence
We generate income from the sales of NFTs and commission from the NFTs resale with all earnings in USDT to avoid the affection on the value of the in-game cryptocurrency
BlockChess figure
BlockChess figure


BlockChess tokenomics
BlockChess tokenomics BlockChess coin
BlockChess mobile screen